The interest of domestic investors to the real estate market in Bulgaria is not quenched for a long time. This is due to a comfortable climate, developed resorts and affordable prices to objects. Residential and commercial real estate in Bulgaria has fallen in price. When comparing the cost of on the market in 2008 and 2017, it fell by 20%. But gradually, prices rise, and by the beginning of 2018 increased by 8%.

How does residential and commercial real estate in Bulgaria after the crisis

The cost per square meter is in terms of rubles from 30 to 113 thousand. In the capital, Sofia, an average square meter of housing is 75-113 thousand rubles. Cheaper can be found in Burgas and Varna — 56-75 thousand rubles. In rural areas, the price is lower, but far from the sea. For example, a house with 3 rooms in the town of Elhovo can be purchased for 2.5 thousand euros. Town is located at a distance of 100 km from the sea in Burgas.
The market of residential and commercial real estate in Bulgaria has been affected by the crisis. In 2015, demand for properties fell and it exceeded the number of proposals. Impact on the situation in Russia. If earlier, citizens were actively buying housing in Bulgaria, but now they started to sell it. This has led to falling prices throughout the country almost 2 times. To the current time value of the real estate has stabilized, but now you can purchase a good house on the first line.
Experts suggest that within a few years the market will grow, but will not reach the level which was before the crisis. Contributes to the increase in the price of investors from the Netherlands and Germany. They are attracted by the low prices, decent service, clean sea and a visa regime that facilitates the transfer.
Two years in a row, the value of the residential and commercial real estate in Bulgaria is growing. Promotes positive dynamics of the high demand which the proposal is not yet able to satisfy fully.

In the country the simplified system of purchasing residential and commercial real estates. Object selection can be done by yourself or use the services of realtors. Further, the lawyer analyzes the document, checks its correctness. A deposit for the object in most cases no more than 1-2 thousand euros. After signing the transaction is the procedure of its registration in the state register of immovable property.
Upon transfer of ownership to pay tax, which is 3% of the total. Another cost — the fees that require to put a 0,1–1,5%. For the services of a realtor you need to pay a commission of 2-3% of the cost of housing, the lawyer takes 1%.