Actively growing interested in the insurance of commercial buildings. Such a surge can be explained by the increase in the number of foreign investors for whom such service is a good chance to protect against loss of business during construction and operation. Insurance commercial real estate will help to calculate all the risks in the event of an emergency, will cover part of the costs.

Why do you need a commercial real estate insurance

The popularity of insurance services commercial real estate increased when many regions of Europe have suffered from natural disasters, which brought significant losses to the owners of commercial premises. Many investors prefer to use the services of insurance companies at the stage of construction. In this case, you can protect yourself from various problems in the design and installation works.
Insurance in the segment of commercial real estate has two types:
● design during the construction phase;
● making at the operational stage.
The package of insurance services for commercial facilities includes:
1. Standard property insurance, which includes coverage of damage in case of fire, natural disasters, breakdowns of communication systems and other problems.
2. Insurance loss of profits, as a result of repair real estate rental not carried out a certain period of time.
3. Insurance of the object on the stage of construction and installation works to prevent the financial risks of damage during construction or decoration.
4. Insurance in case of a delay of terms of delivery of object in operation.
5. Title insurance of the property that will protect the owner from loss during a full or partial loss of ownership rights on real estate.
6. Professional liability insurance means risk coverage to the owner in the Commission of mistakes of the planners, workers, realtors and other outside experts.
7. Liability insurance to third parties for losses and damage that are possible in the process operation of the facility.
Often the real estate business owners are choosing insurance that will cover damages in case of a possible fire, theft or flooding.
Domestic owners of commercial real estate often use a standard package to compensate for property risks. Foreign investors are focused on the comprehensive protection to protect the objects from all possible risks.

According to experts, interest in the services of insurance companies will only grow. This is due to the increase in the number of constructed facilities and improvement of standards of construction and bringing them to the European.
Domestic owners of commercial real estate are paying more attention to title insurance, which can compensate the losses if the rights to the property are lost.
The companies providing these services are in most cases according to international standards. Therefore, object owners can be confident in the quality and obligatory compensation of losses in the event of a situation specified in the contract.