Over time, the surrounding fuss tiring, I want peace and measured life. Therefore, in their declining years, many are leaving noisy megacities for villages or small towns. People who are not afraid of change and have sufficient capital for this are decided to move to another country. An excellent option is Greece. The mild climate and the sunny coast disposes of a happy pastime. For maximum comfort in a new place, we recommend exploring in which region of the country Greek property will suit you for purchase or long-term lease.

Why Greek propertyis attractive

Popular European countries for relocation after retirement are Malta, Portugal, Spain. But they are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford a comfortable old age here. In this respect, Greece is perfect. It is located in the south of the Balkan Peninsula, its territory extends to the islands of the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The climate is mild and short in winter, hot in summer.
The geographical location, diversity of flora and fauna led to a special type of food — the Mediterranean. Thanks to him, the Greeks rarely have problems with the cardiovascular system and do not suffer from high cholesterol levels. The basis of nutrition is fruits and vegetables, legumes, olive oil. Greece is in the top three world leaders in the export of olive oil, ahead of many European countries in terms of tomato and fruit cultivation.
The population of the country lives on average longer than other Europeans. Life expectancy for women is 83 years, for men — 80 years.
The cost of Greek real estate is available to people with small capital. The crisis of 2008 significantly reduced the price of housing in the country. A square meter in Greece is 2,846 euros, which is 20% lower than in Malta, 25% less than in Portugal, and cheaper than in Spain by 35%.
For a measured quiet life, it is better to choose real estate not on islands and the capital, but in small villages, far from tourist centers. Ideal — a few hours of moving from Athens, and you can spend time in seclusion, and when you want diversity — go to the city or the coast. We offer several options for villages that combine local flavor and comfort for life.

The locations overview for buying real estate in Greece

Kyriaki is a 2-hour drive from Athens. The village is located on the slope of Mount Helikon, 7 kilometers from the Gulf of Corinth. The population is only 2 thousand inhabitants. Attractions include the Church of St. John the Baptist, the theater and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. Not far from Kyriaki is Aravnitsa Park.
In the picturesque village of Guracan be reached from Athens in just 2.5 hours. It spreads out in the valley of the river Olvios, near the mountain of Ziria. The wonderful atmosphere and aroma of coniferous forests make the village a great place for recreation and permanent residence. In a two-hour walk from the village is the monastery of St. George, where the monks make desserts from rose petals.

Christ is a small village with a population of 700 people. Located near Mount Parnas. Rich in olive groves, and at a distance of 3 km from the village is a monument to Delph — a UNESCO heritage site.
At the foot of Parnassus, there is another village, Polydrosos. About 1 thousand people live here. Of the attractions in the village is the temple Paleopanagia.
Steni is located on the island of Evia, on the slope of Dirfi Mountain. A village is an ideal place for walking, cycling. Just 40 minutes — and you can get from the village to the beach of Hiliadu.
Among the many offers of Greek real estate, you can find a great house or apartment in a beautiful area to enjoy life.