Co-working or teamwork is a concept that is popular around the world because of the simplicity and functionality of the idea. Under certain conditions, you can rent an already prepared and equipped workplace. This option allows several companies or independent freelancers to save money on office rent. Before you use the service, we recommend you to learn how co-working works and its benefits.

How co-working works: cooperation models

Within 10 years, this segment began to actively develop. This popularity is due to the global crisis, whose financial losses forced us to look at doing business from a different angle. It was at this time that various start-ups began to appear and the foundations of the principle of joint consumption were formed.
Between 2009 and 2019, the number of co-working in the world increased by 3,500%, and the number of people working in such offices increased by 8,000%. In total, there are about 18 thousand places in this format, and wherein total there can be more than 1.7 million people.
The main idea of co-working is the presence of open office space. The area has all the necessary equipment, appliances, and furniture. The workplace can be rented for a different period of time — for an hour or several years.
Co-working works through a space organizer. This person or company rents the space from the owner. There are several models of their cooperation:
Rental model. Between the organizer or the operator and the owner is a contract, in most cases for 10-20 years. The first undertakes to pay a monthly fee and covers the cost of repairs and office equipment.

Joint cooperation. The owner and the tenant enter into an agreement where the first is an investor. He contributes a large part of his capital in exchange for making a profit from co-working. The tenant acts as a partner and takes over the organization of the office.
The management model. Operating costs and funds for the repair of the premises are on the owner. The duties of the operator include the design of the area and advertising campaigns to attract customers.
Franchise. Management, investments and organizational matters are carried out by the owner. He pays a certain amount to the company-operator, which provides its standards for registration co-working.
The owner-operator independently is engaged in the development of the site for the rental of jobs.

Formats in which co-working works

Co-working can work in various formats:
1. Mixed type. In the same space, there are workers from various industries.
2. Specialized format. Companies from the same business field coexist.
3. Lifestyle project. In this co-working, you can find areas for work and leisure.
4. You can find non-standard spaces that are designed exclusively for gamers or people with children.
Co-working is an excellent format for organizing a workplace, which allows not only to rent a room profitably but also to interact with “neighbors” and exchange useful ideas with them.