With the aim of real estate market development in many countries in Europe creates favorable conditions for obtaining second citizenship or residence permit when acquiring objects. This type of investment has other advantages. Experts have identified the most promising country, which provides high economic benefits in the purchase of the residential and commercial real estate.

The most promising countries: a review of options

Considering the options of things to buy with the aim of obtaining citizenship, please note that not all European countries offer second passports for investments. Countries with a high standard of living like Scandinavia, France, Netherlands, Italy, do not provide these opportunities, and to obtain the right to reside here will be in General terms.
Promising countries for residence permits are Spain, Greece. Convenient state program operates in Cyprus, Portugal, and Malta. The conditions are quite favorable: there is a need for a certain amount to buy a commercial or residential property then you will have a simplified system of obtaining citizenship or residence permits. After that, you will be able to fully dispose of the real estate — to live there indefinitely, rent.
The benefits of investment in the real estate market of European countries:
● acquiring housing, not only you, but family members have the right to obtain citizenship or a residence permit;
● real estate in another country gives you the opportunity to insure against economic shocks at home, moving to a more comfortable place to stay;
● in Europe, you can find housing, the cost of which will be lower than in Moscow;
●The European market is stable, the prices of properties are not substantially changed;
● delivery of housing or commercial premises in rent brings in a high income and will help for a few years to recoup the cost of the facility;
● the location of the house or apartment in a scenic area or resort area gives you the opportunity to vacation indefinitely.
Cyprus is one of the promising countries for obtaining a second citizenship. It is necessary to purchase a property, worth 2 million euros.

The state program of Malta offers a few other conditions. Buying a house from 350 thousand euros and amending the national development Fund fee in the amount of 650 thousand euros, you can get a residence permit.
In Spain, you must invest at least 500 thousand euros, and receive a residence permit. Here are quite favorable conditions and the simplified system of registration of documents.
Such a mechanism of obtaining citizenship in Portugal. The real estate must cost at least 500 thousand euros. This can be housing in the capital of the resort area. For facilities that require renovation or are located in remote areas, there is a purchase limit is 350 thousand euros.