Real estate in Krakow — the amazing ancient city, where guests can spend leisure and there are prospects for work. Whatever the reason you don’t come here, the important point is the choice of location for the nightlife or for a certain time. Consider a variety of property in Krakow for short and long stays.

Real estate in Krakow: options for cheap and comfortable apartments

There are different options to rent a house. It is easiest if you arrange the trip through a travel agency. In this case, the specialists take all the organizational issues. The second option is to book a hotel room or apartment via the website or use the Airbnb app. But if the purpose of the trip to Krakow — work and need to rent a house long term, then you should use different ways to solve the problem.
The city has a large number of hostels, the cost of bed-places in which starts from 18 zł or 4.21€ per night. This amount includes a bed with bedding, everything else can be rented for an additional fee. For example, rental towels cost 1.17€. It should be understood that the hostel is for this price does not claim a high level of comfort. The room will not be less than five neighbors and old repairs. If you want the best conditions to 4.21€ you should add a minimum of 1.40€. For this amount you get a fully-equipped room: towel, Hairdryer, iron, tea, coffee, TV, all free of charge. For 2.34€ Breakfast can be arranged.

Yourself looking for a hotel room, pay attention to its remoteness from the center — the closer it is, the more expensive the hotel. But there’s a caveat: the Central areas need to travel by public transport, where a 20-minute trip will have to pay if 65.50€.
The room rate at the hotel starts from 15.21€, offers a variety that will allow you to pick the best for the price and location option.
For those who want to feel comfortable and freely — apartments for rent. To rent this type of property in Krakow for one person, you need to focus on the amount of 10.53€, for two — from 15.21€. For this price, you get a private accommodation with everything you need.
If you come to work and want the first time to save, until on your feet, you can find a room to rent long term. For 117€ — a variant with another sleeping and you will stay one or a few people. To be in the room alone, required from 164€. In the apartment, there will be other people, and their number can be quite large.
The ideal would be to rent an apartment or house for a long time. Studio apartment with the good repair will cost 328€, but this amount includes utility costs. One bedroom starting from 350€.
You can rent the house. Detached house, close to station rent for 725€ — 912 excavator produced€, depending on the type of heating.