The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a small country with a high quality of life and a progressive approach to the management and organization of infrastructure. There is practically no crime here, the economy shows stable growth, comfortable living conditions are created for all segments of the population. Not surprisingly, real estate in the Netherlands is attractive to investors from different countries.

Real Estate in the Netherlands: an overview of the value of objects and conditions of purchase

Despite the fact that in most countries of the world there is a financial crisis, it did not affect the economy of Holland. Such stability is of interest to many businessmen who want to earn a high income and be confident in the reliability of their enterprise. An excellent option for this is the real estate market of the kingdom.
In the acute period of the crisis, the value of the objects slipped by 3-7%, which is insignificant for the economy as a whole. Therefore, investors have not lost income, and in some cases even increased it. In addition, in order to attract foreign buyers, the authorities have created excellent conditions that guarantee the protection of property.
The local real estate market is similar to the European, there are features that distinguish Holland.
Any transaction here is carried out through notaries, which speeds up the paperwork process and eliminates the possibility of error.
A large share of acquisitions in the real estate market of the Netherlands belongs to foreigners who want to provide housing for their children-students while they are studying in the country. The second place is occupied by the purchase of objects in order to rent out and get a stable income. In this case, you can expect 8-12% of profit annually.
Investors are interested in real estate, which costs up to 200 thousand dollars. Such houses and apartments can be found in small towns throughout the country, but on condition that the settlement is located within a radius of 100 km from The Hague or Amsterdam.
The lowest cost for housing in residential areas. Here you can find an apartment for 2-3 thousand euros for 1 square. m. In the center of the price will be higher — 3-5 thousand euros per 1 square. m. Real estate in Amsterdam starts from 3-3,5 thousand euros per 1 sq. m.

Elite are apartments with an area of 100 square meters and the cost of 500 thousand euros. The purchase of townhouses and houses in the suburbs, which can be bought for 200-220 thousand euros, is popular.
When investing in the Dutch real estate market, consider the amount of taxes. When buying, they will have to pay about 6% of the total cost of housing.
Despite the relatively high percentage, compared to other European countries, the Netherlands provides good conditions. In France, taxes will have to spend 7-8% of the amount of the object, and in Italy — 9%.