Italy is an amazing country that wins the hearts of tourists with a mild climate, picturesque landscape and a special atmosphere with notes of fine wine and delicious dishes. Visiting here once — you want to come back again. It is not surprising that the housing market in Italy is steadilydeveloping. Real estate in Tuscany is especially attractive for investors — the central region of the country, which is represented by rich nature and beautiful cities.

What is the secret of the real estate popularity in Tuscany

The landscape of the region is green hills, lush forests, and valleys dotted with flowers that seem to bathe in the sun. In combination with a warm, comfortable climate, Tuscany is ideal for relaxing and measured quiet life. The eastern part of the region is surrounded by the Apennines, and clean beaches stretch to the west, creating an excellent resort area. Tuscany is located in the latitudes of the Mediterranean climate, which at the foot of the Apennines becomes cool and wet.
The first settlements on the territory of Italy were found precisely in this region, and to this day it remains popular for living and recreation. Architectural masterpieces of the past perfectly fit the surrounding nature. Cozy small houses, built of stone, are the hallmark of Tuscany. Here are the major tourist centers — Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena. Housing in cities is in high demand. The real estate market in Tuscany is developing steadily. Palazzo and villas attract investors and people who buy housing for their own use.

Attractive regions of Tuscany for real estate purchases

Residents of Rome and Florence love to spend holidays on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and Russian businessmen and celebrities prefer Fort Dei Marmi.
Luka perfectly combines the good potential for renting real estate, while the properties have a moderate cost. The city is located south of Volterra and is represented by comfortable villas and houses for the average budget. On the market, you can find homes that require restoration, and due to this, their price is reduced.
Florence is a picturesque and rich region with a large flow of tourists throughout the year. This allows you to get a high regular income by renting a property.
Summer is a high season in Siena when housing demand is increasing.
Vineyards and groves with cypress trees in Chianti have a leisurely, romantic pastime. The real estate market in this area of Tuscany demands picturesque rural houses and estates with olive groves. This housing can be leased in the summer or purchased for yourself.
The resort area occupies the western part of the region. There are beaches with all the amenities for a comfortable stay with no human intervention.
The islands of Elba, Giglio and the peninsula of Monte Argentario are located in Tuscany. Real estate here belongs to the elite and is in demand among the Italians.

Buying a home in this part of Italy is a profitable investment with a stable trend towards development and quick payback. The real estate market in Tuscany has virtually no effect on world crises and economic leaps. The cost of properties does not change dramatically due to its strict regulation. In Italy, care is taken to preserve authenticity; therefore, new construction is limited, and the restoration work of the old is carried out only with careful observance of the traditional style.
Due to this, a large number of new-build offers do not appear on the market, and the cost of secondary housing is not sharply reduced. Analysts recommend a purchase in this region of Italy for those who want to get a high capital turnover during a period of low returns on the stock market.
The perfect combination of rich nature, mild climate, and unique color make real estate purchase in Tuscany a profitable investment for foreigners.