The north of Italy boasts beautiful nature that attracts tourists from all over the world. The region is rich in lakes that are located at the foot of the Alps. Among the reservoirs, the largest in the country are Garda, Como, Lugano, Lago Maggiore, andIseo. Real estate on the lakes of Italy is considered to be elite; many celebrities have become its owners, for example, Sting, George Clooney.

Real estate on the lakes of Italy: a cost overview

The cost of housing in the north of the country is higher than in the south. If in Milan, which is the center of the northern region, the price per square meter is about 3 thousand euros, in the south you have to pay from 2 thousand euros.
The closer to the lakes, the higher the value of the real estate. The reason for this is not only colorful nature but also clean ecology — mountain air, a large number of trees, clear water. In addition, the terrain near each lake has its own zest.
Garda is popular with locals and visitors to the country. There is a well-developed infrastructure, many beaches, it is possible to engage in horse riding, sailing. Nearby is the amusement park Gardaland. The surroundings of the lake are rich in olive groves and vineyards. The cost of housing overlooking the Garda is 3.5-5 thousand euros per 1 square meter, a little further from the reservoir — 2,6-2,8 thousand euros per square meter.
Lake Maggiore is located on the territory of two provinces in Italy and in the canton. A reservoir formed at the place of melted glaciers and has clear water. Coastal settlements are ideal for a relaxing holiday. To buy a house close to the lake, you will have to pay 3600-3800 euros per 1 square. The high-class apartment’s price can reach up to 10 thousand euros / m².
Lake Como is surrounded by old houses, picturesque parks, and boat stations. There is a mild climate, you can fish, windsurf. The cost of luxury real estate in the region starts at 5 and can reach up to 15 million euros. A little further from the resorts the price per square meter will be 2500-2800 Euro / m².

Most of the lake Lugano is located on the territory of Switzerland, Italy belongs to 18 km ². Surrounded by a pond with castles, monasteries, it is pleasant to enjoy the fresh air, walking in numerous parks. The cost of real estate depends on the area adjacent to the lake. Prices start from 2 thousand euros per square meter and can reach up to 10 thousand euros per square meter.
Available property on Lake Iseo, although the beauty of the area is not inferior to other waters. Around it, there are 20 settlements, where you can find apartments at a price of 2 thousand euros per square meter, and the penthouse will cost 6 thousand euros / m².