Acquisition of residential real estate in the new building involves careful attention to all the nuances. But in most cases, buyers are only interested in the cost per square meter, while the remaining moments are missing. In order for residential real estate in Yekaterinburg to become a comfortable home for your family, we recommend using practical tips for choosing the perfect apartment.

Residential real estate in Yekaterinburg: questions to the developer

The first thing you need to start searching for housing is to decide on the budget that you are ready to allocate for the purchase. Next, explore the prices on the real estate market. The average cost of a one-room apartment in Yekaterinburg is 2,800,300 rubles. For a two-room apartment, you will have to pay approximately 4,400,700 rubles, for a three-room apartment 6,600,900.
The price of housing depends on the area in which it is located. Inexpensive areas for an apartment will have to pay from 74 thousand to 92 thousand rubles per square meter. Budget options can be found from 52 000 rubles per sq.m.
Knowing the approximate situation on the market, you can begin the search for the developer. In the sales department of Novostroy, clarify a number of questions:
● is there an installment option and its conditions;
● the possibility of mortgage lending;
● how payments are made and their deferment.
Be prepared for the fact that with a more detailed study of advertising information may not be true. Therefore, it is necessary before communicating with the manager to find out information about the developer, the location of the house, the time of its delivery, the quality of construction. If in the process of building real estate problems or work has been going on for a long time, think carefully before buying an apartment here.

The residential real estate market of Yekaterinburg is developing and the offers are quite diverse. Be critical of every developer and do not hesitate to ask questions.
You have the right to demand title documents for a plot of land on which construction is underway. It is important to clarify the purpose of the land, it may turn out that it is impossible to build residential properties on it. Ask for documents that allow construction work.
Multi-story buildings have categories that determine the complexity of construction and the level of fire safety. Such permits are obtained before the construction of the first floor.
Specify the scheme of sale of rights to the property. By investing in housing during the construction phase, you have the right to receive a paid amount of square meters after renting a house.
Safety and comfort of people depend on the quality of materials and technology of housing construction. These moments should be known and carefully ask the developer.
Announcing the cost of the apartment, many are silent about the availability of finishes. According to the norms, the property should be surrendered with a minimum finish, but options with ready repairs are possible, for which you will need to pay extra.
With a rational approach to the choice of the desired options, the purchase of a residential real estate in Yekaterinburg will be successful and profitable.