Taxes for real estate abroad are common in many countries, not so long ago they were introduced in Ukraine, which caused panic among the population. In fact, such an innovation is not so terrible, it is only important to understand how the amount to pay for housing is calculated.

Taxes for abroad real estate in Ukraine: which housing requires compensation

The law on the payment of tax for real estate is prescribed in the Tax Code. A certain amount is paid this year for the previous one. In this case, the figure changes every year, depending on the size of the minimum wage.
The tax must pay individuals and legal entities, as well as people who are not citizens of the country.
But do not panic. Compensation requires “extra” square meters of the total area of the object and not just residential. The law defines the footage of housing that is not taxed:
● apartments, whose area does not exceed 60 sq. m.;
● private houses, up to 120 sq. m.
If you own an apartment and a house, all that is more than 180 sq. m. payable.
Only the surplus area is compensated, for example, if the apartment is 75 sq. m., then taxed 15 sq. m.
At the same time, owners of luxury housing must pay a large amount. If the area of the apartment is 300 sq. m., and at home — from 500 sq. m., the number of compensation increases by 25 thousand UAH for each such property. This is called a luxury tax.

The rate for “extra squares” is determined by the local authorities — city, town or other councils of a particular locality. The law says that its size for one square meter should not exceed 1.5% of the amount of the minimum wage. If it is 3723 UAH, then the maximum figure for 1 sq. m. — 55.8 UAH.
In case of non-payment of property tax within 30 days, the owner of the object is expected to pay a penalty in the amount of 10% of the debt. If the delay is more than a month, the amount of the fine is already 20%. In addition, if the tax was not paid by an individual who was registered as an entrepreneur, he may be deprived of the certificate of VAT payer.
Payment must be repaid within 60 days. If the paper contains false information and you do not own real estate of such area, you should contact the local tax service.
To appeal the real estate tax, you must submit documents of title. Having filled in the necessary papers, the government officials will analyze the area of housing and the amount of tax on it.