Despite the economic crisis and the unstable situation in the country, the real estate market in Ukraine shows positive growth trends. Demand, like supply, is increasing, allowing the tenant to raise his demands and sort through the options in search of an ideal property. The choice of premises for office, warehouse or shop has a number of nuances that must be examined before entering into a lease agreement.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing aproperty in the real estate market of Ukraine

When looking for a rental property, pay attention to its location. It plays an important role and depends on the direction of activity. To rent space for a store or beauty salon, you should choose areas with a large flow of people. To rent an office, pay attention to the transport interchange, parking availability. Warehouse and commercial premises are not so demanding, they can be located on the outskirts of the city, close to highways.
The rental price should be negotiated in advance to avoid additional costs. The price of the rentalis affected by what part of the city it is located in, the condition and availability of necessary communications and a number of other factors. Rental costs should not be more than 25% of the planned income, otherwise, you risk being in the red.

The layout of the area affects the future environment, its convenience. This is especially important for shops, beauty salons, where customer comfort plays a big role. To reduce the time for thinking through the interior, we advise you to look for ready-made premises for a particular type of activity, for example, an office, a shop or a beauty salon. On the real estate market in Ukraine, there are options for “bare” areas where you can create an environment at your discretion.

Important contract clauses when renting real estate in Ukraine

Before signing the contract, it is important to familiarize yourself with the availability and serviceability of the necessary communication systems — ventilation, sewage, telephone, Internet.
An important point is the safety of the property, which will be located on the leased premises. Often, property owners provide security services and provide video surveillance. If you doubt the reliability — choose the best option of cooperation with the security company.
When concluding an agreement for rental property, carefully review the documents. The square owner is obliged to present to you:
real estate DEED, contract of sale or other paper;
● layout plan, where the data on the area and planning should coincide with the actual;
● identificationdocuments confirming the identity of the landlord.
The lease agreement is valid for up to 3 years. It is provided in writing, in two or more copies and certified by a notary. If filled out incorrectly, the document will not be legally binding. The agreement indicates the exact address of the property, its area. Pay attention to the item about the cost of rent — the amount and type of payment must coincide with the previously agreed. The contract prescribed utilities: what is included in them and which party they are paid for. If you want to make repairs, reschedule the premises — all phases of work must be agreed with the owner.
In the real estate market of Ukraine you can find great offers at an affordable price, but do not forget about the nuances of renting. If you doubt your own abilities, use the services of a lawyer to draw up a contract and advice.