Finding an apartment for rent is a troublesome business, especially if there are no friends or relatives who could provide housing. In most cases, it is necessary to apply for services to intermediaries who may be scammers. As a result, due to inattention and the desire to save money, people lose money and time. You need to know how to rent an apartment to avoid such a fate.

How to rent an apartment and avoid scams

The fraudsters have come up with various schemes of deception, and the number of victims suggests that they all work successfully. A scam is considered popular when an ad is placed in a newspaper, where it is offered to provide housing for rent for a reasonable amount. The attractiveness of such a scheme is the lack of payment for the services of a realtor, you work directly with the owner of the apartments. Having concluded the contract, paying money for the property with the address and contacts of the landlords, it turns out that the information is not relevant — the accommodation has either already been rented out or has never been surrendered. The signed agreement is not legally binding and it is impossible to return the funds. Fraudsters may present themselves as real estate agencies, but the low cost of their services should serve as a warning and you should not cooperate with such offices.
The best way to avoid disappointment is to contact a reliable real estate agency. Its managers will help you choose a few apartments for rent, saving you from looking yourself. The commission for their work will need tobe paid in advance, but the agency takes upon itself the legal issues and the formalization of the contract. But do not trust the realtor unconditionally — check all the papers, carefully read what you are signing.

What you need to consider when renting an apartment without a realtor

If you do not want to spend money on the services of intermediaries — you can find an apartment yourself. To do this, use online resources with ads. If the ad states that the owner rents the housing, during the telephone conversation, double check this in order not to fall for an enterprising realtor.

If your searches have been crowned with success and you have found the perfect apartment, we recommend checking all the formalities before making a deal. Examine the documents for real estate — the owner must have a contract of sale. Ask for the ownerspassport — if the person has nothing to hide, they will provide the necessary papers. Copies do not work — require originals. Compare the data written in the documents with the information in the lease agreement. An important caveat: all people registered in the apartment have the right to use it. It is advisable to clarify this point.
Before renting an apartment — inspect the property. Check the work of the communications, the condition of the pipes, fix the defects of the furniture, on the ceiling or walls, together with the owner, so that you will not be accused of property damage.
Be sure to draw up a lease. It is advisable to bring a lawyer to this. The document must specify the monthly amount and the period for which you are renting an apartment.
To rent an apartment correctly is not difficult if you show a little patience and attention to detail.